Female Masturbation Tips

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Quick climaxes

I find that the fastest way to reach climax when masturbating is to lie down, begin playing with your clitoris so it becomes sensitive. Stop and lightly finger yourself. Then, start to really rub your clitoris. It takes about 5 minutes to reach climax but it feels so good.

Of course, reaching climax is different for everybody but that is what I do.

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Female Masturbation Tip #1


You can either get naked or stay clothed - it is up to you. First choose your surface, the three key surfaces being wall, bed, chair. For the wall, just start to rub against it. Force your body onto it, thrust your pelvis. If you have a wall with an inverse corner, grind against that. For the bed there are vast of different ways to grind. On your front or on your back - it is best to be naked and finger yourself whilst using those methods.

Alternatively, you can use the corner of your mattress to grind against. Get your vagina aligned with the height of the mattress and begin to force your body onto it, have the corner in between the labia lips. It is best to be naked when using this method, the feel of the mattress on your skin is quite a turn on.

Another method of grinding is using the bed is if you have a head or foot board you can put your legs on either side of the board (like you’re riding a horse) and begin to rock back and forward, grinding your vagina and clitoris against the board as you do. Similarly, if you have a bed post, wrap youself around that, being careful not to put too much weight on the post. Begin to grind yourself against that.

Finally, like with the mattress you can grind along a chair. You can use the corner of the chair, the arms or just the seat.

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How to Finger Yourself

First start by washing your hands and cleaning you fingernails. You’re going to be going inside your body, so you want to be hygienic. Then, get comfortable, lie down on your bed. Begin to rub your breasts - touch the nipples, if you want. Make your nipples erect - it’s really fun to mess about with erect nipples. Then move down to your thighs, stroke them and get closer and closer to your vagina. 
Open the labia lips and stroke the small lump covered by loose skin, called the clitoris, play with it a bit. It really depends on how you like it, so if you like to just softly stroke and circle your clitoris that’s fine or if you like to press down on your clitoris and really play with it that’s fine too.
You should be starting to get really wet now and feeling unbelievably good; wet your fingers with the vaginal juices then move down to the vagina opening (the vagina opening is not the small hole near the clitoris, it is further down). Slide your finger into your vagina and start to move it around, you don’t have to go deep into your vagina, you can just hang about at the opening. Or you can move your finger up and down inside yourself. Whatever you do, enjoy it.
If this is your first time fingering yourself then it is good to explore and see what feels good and what doesn’t. 

You could also use a vibrator, try two fingers, lie on your front, etc… You should really try to experiment and don’t feel bad about it afterwards, it’s a natural thing that everyone does.

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